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Name: Jill Albrecht

Telephone:  (0039) 0587 641009

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Comment posted by ), 19/11/2009, alle 17:01 (UTC):
Miss you, you sound very busy.
Hi Jill,
Things have been a little crazy around here. I am finally getting things together and plans made. Hope we can rent your apartment February 19-March 9 or 10th. I haven't made any plans for Corsica yet. Will attempt to take the car on the ferry around March 10th. We have a flight from Nice to the Azores on March 17th.

I will be so happy to have a change of pace and get away from the cold weather. Bud is out raking leaves and expects me to help him this afternoon. We have to bring any liquid items from the outdoor shed due to the cold weather.

We had our eye exams, I had new glasses made and couldn't see very well. I had the eye doctor's office put the original lenses back. I must switch to transition lenses, but not now. That through me for a curve.

The last couple of days I have been busy setting up the payment of bills online. I am new to this, some seemed rather difficult, but I am almost done. It is a worry, making sure bills are paid, there is enough money in the checking account to pay them and last for the trip.

How is Flavio's mother doing. Is Flavio taking good care of himself. I am sure Douglas's car looks great.

Can't wait to see you. Hope we have good weather on our travels. Although there was a lot of rain last winter, we had a good time anyway.

I have had a bad cold, certainly slows you down. We both had the regular flu shot, but there is a shortage of the H1N1 flu vaccine.

Can't wait to see your smile and hug.

Judy, Bud and Beau

Judy, Bud and Beau

Comment posted by Ghislaine Perroud( ), 11/09/2009, alle 12:59 (UTC):
Hello Jill,
Just a few lines to say hello...We spent a marvellous week in Orciatico at Tom Maxwell's house, thanks to you!! I've been visiting your website and we'll be in touch again for future holidays in beautiful Tuscany !!
We had a safe journey back to France and we send you again many many thanks for your nice and warm welcome, your help and suggestions...
our warmest hello too to Fabio!!
Everyone in the family is back to work and to school but we all look forward to our next stay in Tuscany!!
All the best to you!

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